What's inside your Boxing gloves.

How the foam inside of the glove is constructed.

The internal foam which most people will not see, is one of the most important parts of the boxing glove, you can have the best external glove material which may last 2 or 3 years but if the foams that have been used inside the glove are not good quality you may see the padding deteriorate within in 6 months, rendering the glove useless.

There are two main ways that manufacturers make the internal foams of a boxing glove, put simply they are

  1. Machine made injected moulded foam or IMF.

  2. Hand-made layered foam.

  3. Layered foam, horse hair combined, ( not used very often now days)

                                                            IMF or Injected molded foam



                                                       Hand made layered foam mould



                                The gloves above are all Machine made injection moulded foam.

Machine injected foam or IMF as most distributors like to market it as, is foam that is injected into a pre made mold, left to dry and then placed into the outer cover of the glove. Many glove manufacturers are using these kind of molds now days. You can tell if it is a molded foam glove by the shape of the glove. They are usually quite rounded at the top in appearance see above picture. Another way to tell if it is a hand-made or IMF foam is to feel inside the glove with your hand, in a layered foam glove you will feel different layers of foam densities and if it is injected foam it will feel one solid piece of foam all the same density.

Injection molds are cheapest way too manufacture foam for inside boxing gloves, combine this with a cheap synthetic outer materials you can manufacture a boxing glove very cheaply. Injection molded foam boxing gloves, feel good and look good and are great for sparring, as they offer a lot of protection for your hands and especially for your sparring partner face and body. 

Injection molds are usually 40mm to 50mm thick which offers very good protection for noses, cheek bones and offer a very safe glove for sparring when they are in relatively new condition. The foams come in different densities, some harder than others, the softer ones feel nice when you first put your hands into the glove and is easier to close your fist.

All AIBA approved boxing equipment that is licensed for amateur boxing bouts in the world, use injection molded foams for all fights, showing the safety aspects are well used.

IMF or injected foam molds tent to wear out quickly, in some case very quickly if used for bag work they will wear out very quickly. As a sparring only glove they may hold up for a year or so.

              NEW                                                                      SLIGHTLY   USED


                               WELL USED                                                     UNUSEABLE