Guide to Boxing Gloves, What’s inside a boxing glove parts 1 to 9

The most important parts of a Boxing Glove for Boxing, Muay Thai and Mma.

Whatever the style of fighting sport you practice, whether you are a competitive fighter or you train Boxing or  Muay Thai for fitness or self defence.

You will hit a lot of punching bags, focus pads, Thai Pads and some of you will hit your opponents or sparring partners. This will mean a lot of punishment for your hands which need to be protected over the many years that you may train. I have been training, competing and coaching boxing and Muay Thai for over 30 years and expect many more years out of my hands. So if you plan to hit the heavy bag, focus mitts, speed ball or spar with an opponent you will need to know how to select the right boxing gloves for you.

This boxing glove guide will answer many of the most frequently asked questions and many of the most important questions you would not think of asking but should! 

Part 1. Material on the outside of the gloves.  

By Richard Davis


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