I have started writing this blog which among other things will be mainly about boxing, Muay Thai and mma sports equipment, what’s good and what’s not so good. Equipment design, function, durability, fitting and use. My name is Richard Davis, I have spent the last 30 or so years training, fighting and coaching, boxing, Kick boxing, and Muay Thai. For the past 18 years I have been coaching boxers and a for 5 years coached at a Muay Thai club in Perth WA, but have mainly been a boxing coach and have been quite successful at it. I am the owner and head competition coach at Perth’s Premier boxing club www.premierboxingclub.com.au

During the early years while coaching and still very much enjoying my training and while on a Muay Thai training camp in 1992 I met the trainer who insisted I get some new training shorts. He had one of the boxers at the camp take me on the back of a motor bike to a small Muay thai equipment shop in Bangkok.

When I left the camp I found my way back to the shop and brought a bag full of training gloves to bring them back to Australia and that was the start of my business importing and selling Boxing and Muay Thai training gear. I started with Thai made products like Thaismai and Twins, but with some other people selling Twins and some of the other Thai brands I was faced with issues regarding exporters in Thailand.

I realized that it would be better to create my own brand which I could then go to any manufacturer to have the products made. Ringsport was the name I came up, simple and descriptive and up to this time not heard of in the fighting industry. The name Ringsport was new and in 2004 Ringsport was trade marked in Australia. Since then other countries have started to use the name Ringsport without permission.

I have seen a lot of boxing and muay thai products and brands, over the years many brands pop up and often disappear, gym owners, fighters all would love to develop and sell their own brands of fight gear. Let’s face it is very easy to do, most gyms receive email offers from Pakistan manufactures every day. It is very easy to buy boxing gear from overseas, selling them in Australia is much harder.

I am writing this blog as information, to help people to make more informed decisions on which boxing, Muay Thai and mma products they wish to buy, which products and designs are best and for which purpose, how to fit them, how to use them and what sort of products people should avoid.