Is there a any real difference between boxing gloves and muay Thai gloves? No! well some may argue that there is, some may like to think there is but really there is not! The Twins brand a traditional style Thai made boxing glove is exactly the same whether it is being sold as a Boxing glove or a Muay Thai training glove.

There are many differences in many brands in the way boxing gloves are made and presented, there are features like thumb attachment, finger tip supports, palm bars, padding inside the wrist area that some people might say are different on boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves they are not!

Of the many differences between boxing gloves, the two main differences in a boxing glove design are the types of foams inside the gloves. Not only the Composition of foam but the way the foams are manufactured, the main difference and the most important,are they hand made layered foam or injection moulded foam?

The traditional boxing glove manufactures especially the manufacture based in Thailand like Twins, Fairtex's Ringsport and a more resently created brand Top King will use hand made layered foam. The main reason is that hand made layered foam is much much better, three to four layers are used, which give these gloves a flatter look at the hitting surface. these types of moulds are much more time consuming and expensive to make than an IMF mould.

Below is a four layer foam mould from a Rogue boxing glove



Layered hand made boxing glove foam mould

 Injection moulded foam, Injecton moulded foam are cheap and quick to manufacture, combine cheap synthetic outer covers creating a good looking a cheap, poor quality boxing glove which well known brands are using to create high margins of profit.

                               IMF foam mould

I will explain more boxing glove features and differences in future blogs, they are not differences between Boxing gloves and Thai boxing gloves.