The boxing stance or basic guard position is vitally important as every move whether it be offensive, defence or counter punching, is performed from this position.

Orthodox stance

The main stance in boxing is the most common orthodox stance, or left hand and left foot forward.

• Stand with the feet shoulder width apart.

• Take a single step backward with the right foot approximately a little more than your shoulder width.

• Back foot kept at a 45-degree angle.

• Raise your heels off the ground, the rear heel should be about 3-4cm off the ground and the front heel 1-2cm off the ground.

• Distribute weight equally between the feet. • Keep the knees slightly bent.

• Tuck your elbows into the side of your body

• Raise your fists to cheekbone level, with left hand slightly out from your face, approximately 10cm, at the cheekbone level.

 • Bring your left shoulder forward slightly, keep your chin down and look up.

• The left shoulder should be slightly forward, with the right shoulder about 30- 40 degrees back, making the left hand slightly closer to your opponent.

South paw stance

The southpaw stance is less common than the orthodox stance with around 5 -10% of boxers

boxing from this stance.

The stance is essentially the same as the orthodox stance only with the right hand and right

foot forward.


Things to Avoid

Dropping your hands.

Raising your head.

• Being flat footed .

Having your legs too straight.

Holding your hands together or tapping your gloves together.

Holding your elbows out and away from the body.